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7 Key Components of a Successful Lead Generation System

After evaluating lead automation solutions from several vendors, I have developed my own list of seven key components that make up a successful lead generation system. A strategic lead automation system will lower your cost per lead; boost ROI and closely align sales and marketing. A unified lead definition leads to objective scoring and qualifying, resulting in higher quality leads. The sales team is motivated to score more wins because now there is an agreement on the quality of leads.

My list of seven key components are:

  1. Demand and inquiry generation using a variety of channels
  2. Convert site traffic into prospects with optimized landing pages and pre-populated forms
  3. Database management and CRM integration
  4. Objective lead scoring based on a unified lead definition, BANT rules and site interactions
  5. Drip campaigns for nurturing with targeted content
  6. Automatic routing of sales-ready leads to the right sales person at the right time
  7. Closed-loop feedback and reporting


  1. Achinta – I enjoyed your post. Great layout of the marketing/sales funnel/pipeline. One thing I would add is a nurture cycle for those sales ready leads that fall out of the pipeline for whatever reason (change in timeline, chose competitor, etc). The ability to continue to market to these leads is critical. In my experience, the hand-off mechanism from sales back to marketing can be tricky – have you seen the same?


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