Client Testimonials

We are an industrial product manufacturer. Our goal was to increase product awareness, improve our website and increase online sales. Tiecas helped us reach those goals in a timely, professional and enjoyable way. Mr. Mitra is not only a master at addressing the technical issues of website design but he is also an expert in the art of translating technical product information into easily understandable text for customers. Tiecas provided us with the training to independently operate all aspects of our website as well as step by step instructions for the implementation of our on-going marketing plans. I heartily recommend Tiecas for any aspect of industrial marketing and website design for any industry.
C. S. Rohrich
Spanwell Service Inc.
I took quite a bit of time, probably a couple of hours reading your report. I was interested when I first glanced through it and didn’t know how detailed you would get. Wow, you’ve really understood our situation and am impressed by your understanding of what we need to do. We need your help to move forward because even though we have knowledgeable people in our company, they just don’t have the time to work on anything else and they don’t have your industrial marketing expertise and experience. I would like you to give me a proposal for Phase II, so we can get going. I have a good feeling about us working together.
Gary Pashaian, P.E., President
Monroe Environmental Corp.
I have been too busy to drop a line, but I did want you to know that the new web site is working! I have closed the first significant quote today that came via the contact form and this one project alone will generate enough profits to pay for the site development. On top of that I have three other quotes out that are directly due to the web contact form as well as multiple phone leads received that referenced that they were calling due to the web. Needless to say, I am very pleased. I was very happy when the site went live and looked so great, but in the end it comes down to reaching new customers. And at this early stage, it is working!
Michael Shoemaker
Custom Windows of Texas, LLC
Great job! I love it. I wanted to say thanks for the excellent work that has been done by you and your team on our new Web site over the past few months. Your technical skills, professionalism, flexibility and insight were very helpful and impressive, especially when we asked you to work within tight deadlines. We selected Tiecas because of their previous work for us that was always done at a fair price. All updates and modifications were done promptly and we were made aware of any additional charges before making the revisions. I know there are scores of Web developers out there who claim to be the best. We’re very pleased to have selected you as our partner. I would not hesitate to recommend Tiecas to anyone wanting to start a new site or improve an existing one.
Anil R. Venkatrao, CEO & Co-Founder
As far as professionalism, easy to work with, accuracy and personality, on a scale from one to ten, Tiecas, Inc. is a big one-oh.
Jim M. Davignon
Baker Oil Tools – Baker Hughes
Our site is live. Thanks again for making this happen. Great work!
Dr. Joost van Kuijk, CEO/CMO
Adimec Advanced Image Systems bv
Super concepts. I can tell you that for sure one of these concepts will definitely work for the next Ad. I believe we will use 2 of the 3. Great work. I forgot to mention how so many people commented on our ad that was on the inside back cover Metal Construction News, the METALCON Show issue. Thumbs Up! 
Frank Rosales, Jr., Executive Vice President
Schulte Building Systems, Inc.
…we have worked together for several years now and I have really appreciated the opportunity to be associated with you. You have done an excellent job in serving Flowdata…I consider you more than a supplier as you have become one of my personal friends.
Charles D. Foran, Jr., President
Flowdata, Inc.
Graphic design is not one of my strengths and having created the first version of our site myself, I know how time consuming it is to build a good business Web site. So for our recent redesign, I contacted Tiecas and gave them just the basic information on the look and feel I wanted for our new Websites. Within 2 days I received a professionally designed concept site that was visually appealing and projected the right image of my consulting business. I was able to review a fully functional mock-up site with all the buttons and links working. After some tweaks, they had the new sites uploaded to our servers and we were live, well in time for a major presentation. I’m very impressed with these folks and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great business Web site at an affordable price. They are friendly professionals who more than deliver on their promises and really seem to care about helping you grow your business. I have also received positive feedback from people who have visited our new sites. Nice web site (yours) and newsletter. Loved the content.
Pradeep Anand
Seeta Resources L.L.C. and author of An Indian in Cowboy Country
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at Tiecas for the quality service provided to Norriseal over the past ten years. It has been a pleasure working with knowledgeable people who understand our business and the message we are trying to send out. We have always been able to count on your folks to get things done correctly and on time, to add or recommend positive advice and ideas in completing the projects. As always it is a pleasure working with your group and we look forward to our continuing relationship in the future.
Doug Crowe
NORRISEAL, a Dover Company
Very nice! This looks excellent. I know Nathan probably already told you to proceed but just wanted to let you know that I really like this one! Also, wanted to say thanks for being such a reliable partner. Checking each issue and giving us these updates is a nice touch. We appreciate it!
Bob M. Perez
We have been very pleased with the website you created for us. It has helped us evolve and grow our business and our customer feedback has been great.
Edward Ludwig
Ludwig Buildings Enterprises, LLC.
I must thank you! This is outstanding work, and has just the polish I was looking for. You (and your delegates) are doing a great job. I feel much better about this brochure. Achinta and Beverly – you both did a great job! Thanks for working so cooperatively and quickly with everyone.
Karen Minyard
Dresser Consolidated
Amazing. The flow is just what we were looking for and could never get right before. This is the first glance at what is clearly a terrific web site. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again, you need a red and blue set of tights with a big S in the middle of your chest, because Achinta “you have saved the day.”
David McDonald
NSI Upstream
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