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Take Industrial Lead Generation up a Notch with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation technology is one of the areas where B2B marketers will increase spending in 2014 according to an article I read in the September 16 issue of BtoB Magazine. There are many more choices available today in Marketing Automation (MA) offerings and one can find the right fit at various price points. This post is not a product review …

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Make Industrial Email Marketing Mobile Responsive

Email marketing continues to be a workhorse for manufacturers and industrial companies. The reason is simple – it produces results! Take a look at my earlier post, “Industrial Email Marketing is NOT Dead.” Over the years, I’ve seen the content in industrial emails improve considerably. Email content has graduated from purely promotional to more educational. Yes, there is still a …

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Use Content to Uncover Tacit Know-how Inside the Minds of Engineers

I recently read the survey, 2012 Mind of the Engineer that was released by UBM Electronics, the global leader in media and marketing solutions for design engineering and the electronics industry. The findings are very interesting and blew away some of the myths about how engineers think. The key takeaway for me was the concept of “tactic know-how” and its …

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Industrial Content Marketing for Accelerating Sales Pipelines

Manufacturers and industrial companies that believe in content marketing are seeing good results from their efforts. However, most of the success is at the beginning of the sales pipeline or top of the sales funnel if you prefer the funnel metaphor. Where many of these companies are struggling are in the middle and end of the sales pipeline. In other …

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Priming Industrial Websites for Content Marketing

Many of my industrial clients are starting to plan and budget for 2014. High on their list of priorities is redesigning their industrial websites. A welcome change in these discussions is that redesigns are now driven by the needs of inbound marketing with content rather than just a cosmetic facelift to the site. Manufacturers and industrial companies are more willing …

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Marketing Automation Alone Can’t Deliver ROI for Industrial Companies

Let me start by saying that I’m a big believer of Marketing Automation (MA) and have seen it produce incredible marketing ROI for some manufacturers and industrial companies. Then why does the headline of this post make me sound like a skeptic? That’s because it’s a case of good news, bad news. First, the good news, MA does make the …

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Why Many Industrial Websites Underperform

There are many reasons for an industrial website’s failure to deliver anticipated results. The list is long – poor search engine optimization, bad user experience, content that doesn’t match visitors’ needs and/or lack of calls to action to name just a few. However, there is one common trait that I have noticed for many industrial websites to underperform – there is very …

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Storytelling in Industrial Content Marketing

If storytelling sounds too “Kumbaya” to you for hardcore industrial marketing and sales, then I suggest you read on for a fresh perspective. There is a very good reason centuries old Aesop’s Fables and others of that genre continue to be popular today for teaching valuable lessons. Their power lies in storytelling. Who doesn’t love a good story, don’t you? …

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Industrial Email Marketing is NOT Dead

One would think new marketing tactics such as social media and blogging would have killed good ol’ email marketing. That is simply not true. I am seeing manufacturers continue to use industrial email marketing with great success. Sure, the old way of “batch-and-blast” email marketing is dead but in the words of Jon Miller (@jonmiller), VP Marketing & co-founder of …

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Sabotaging Industrial Marketing Hurts Sales

What is the real purpose of industrial marketing? One can come up with a list of at least half a dozen or more excellent goals. IMO, the single most important function is that it must help drive sales and grow revenues. I agree the journey is not straightforward from point A to point to B, especially in industrial sales where …

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