Develop Industrial Marketing Strategy for a Manufacturer of Wastewater Treatment and Air Pollution Control Systems

Industrial Marketing Case Study - MEC

The Challenge:

The President of Monroe Environmental Corp. (MEC), an established manufacturer of Air Pollution Control and Water/Wastewater Treatment Systems, wanted to grow new sales in different industries and geographical areas other than their historical ones.

The new plans called for putting 90 to 95% of their focus on new industrial customers from Chemical Processing, Oil & Gas, Specialty Plastics, and other General Manufacturing industries along the Texas Gulf Coast region and Louisiana. Our mandate was also to make sure the new sales did not come at the expense of the existing customer base in the Automotive industry and municipal projects.

The Solution:

Industrial Marketing Assessment Report by Tiecas, Inc.

This was a two-phase engagement that included consulting in the first phase followed by the implementation of industrial content marketing tactics.

Phase I: A consulting engagement for developing an overarching industrial marketing strategy. This involved engaging with the client’s sales and marketing team, VP of Operations, in-house Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and a plant visit in Michigan.

The final deliverable for this phase included a comprehensive written report with our findings from the assessment, recommendations, and a plan of action. A baseline Site Analytics was created to measure performance after implementing our marketing strategy.

“I took quite a bit of time, probably a couple of hours reading your report. I was interested when I first glanced through it and didn’t know how detailed you would get. Wow, you’ve really understood our situation, and am impressed by your understanding of what we need to do. We need your help to move forward because even though we have knowledgeable people in our company, they just don’t have the time to work on anything else and they don’t have your industrial marketing expertise and experience. I would like you to give me a proposal for Phase II, so we can get going. I have a good feeling about us working together.”
Gary Pashaian, P.E., President

“I think there is a lot of value in what [you] have proposed. I want to thank you for your efforts on our behalf, and I appreciate the contribution that you made to our company. You certainly helped to set us up for success in the future.”— Adam Pace, Sales & Marketing Manager

Phase II: Ongoing industrial content marketing—We reviewed existing website content and sales presentations to get a clear understanding of the client’s sales process. We created new content for targeting the downstream Oil & Gas industry by leveraging the client’s past successes with API Separators.

We also created additional content and/or enhanced existing web page copy for other industries. A blog was set up for posts published under the names of in-house Subject Matter Experts.

Results Delivered:

Soon after the revised site was launched with new content, Mr. Pashian told us about receiving a call from a new prospect in Texas. This inquiry led to an in-person meeting to discuss the opportunity. He also mentioned receiving other calls in his Texas office that were new leads.

Highlights from Google Analytics, before and after.

  • Traffic to the site increased by 18.96%,
  • Pages/Session increased by 60.71%
  • Bounce Rate decreased by 68.90%
  • Organic Search traffic increased by 18%
  • Conversion rates for Ask an Expert and Let’s Talk forms outperformed the Contact Us form by a wide margin
  • Click-through rate to API Separators product page improved by 81.25%

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