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As an engineering marketing expert with 30+ years of experience, I’m the first one to admit that I may not be a good fit for everyone, because I focus 100% on the industrial sector. I don’t do any general B2B marketing or B2C marketing. I strongly believe that a business relationship can only work when there is a good fit for both parties and the relationship is based on mutual trust.

I deliver results – read case studies

I work with manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies to help them build stronger relationships based on trust.

I use proven industrial marketing strategies and tactics to generate more high-quality leads that turn into sales opportunities which accelerate their pipelines and grow revenues.

Delivering results and value consistently for over 30 years. 

  • Low awareness of your company among engineers and industrial buyers.
  • Not enough new leads and most are unqualified leads.
  • Your sales team is spending too much time on prospecting and qualifying.
  • You know who you want to target but don’t know how to reach key decision makers.
  • Need to move away from price-based discussions to value delivered in selling complex engineered systems.
  • Your website is an outdated digital brochure and it doesn’t fit your sales process.
  • Lack of time or don’t have the in-house expertise to plan, create relevant content and execute industrial marketing programs consistently.
  • Little or no visibility in major search engines.
  • As a Mechanical Engineer, I understand technical concepts and know how to communicate with industrial professionals.
  • I know how to uncover the “tacit know-how” inside the minds of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) by working closely with them.
  • I know how to create technical content that aligns well with how industrial professionals make buying decisions.
  • I have a proven track record of delivering tangible results for my clients.
  • I take an ownership approach to every marketing engagement and pay attention to details, so you can focus on the big picture.
  • I’m not a consultant who just provides strategic ideas. Many of my clients ask me to implement, measure and provide verifiable ROI for their marketing dollars.  

  • You have a small in-house marketing team with little to no expertise in industrial marketing.
  • You have no internal resources and need everything from ideas to implementation.
  • You want a trusted partner who can get the work done quickly with minimal direct supervision or oversight.
  • You need someone capable of handling complex marketing projects and more importantly, be held accountable for delivering results.
  • You want good value for your marketing dollars.
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