How Are B2B Marketers Using Web 2.0 Tools?

I just finished reading an interesting article titled “Social Revolution” in the August issue of Direct. It is written by Ruth P. Stevens, who is called “one of the top 100 most influential people in B-to-B marketing” by Crain’s BtoB Magazine.

In the article she writes, “For the most part, the new media are still behaving like PR tools – there’s high potential for building awareness and some spinoff lead generation on the side, but when it comes to delivering volume they’re just not ready for prime time.” I agree with her 100%.

Ms. Stevens has suggested looking at a few new resources, two of which I wasn’t aware of. First one is Jigsaw which she refers to as the Wikipedia of B-to-b data. I checked out their site and was impressed by the concept. Here’s a direct quote from the site that describes their service.

Jigsaw provides an online business directory of company information and more than 9 million business contacts. If your success depends on reaching out to others, Jigsaw is essential. And that’s why over 500 corporations and more than 450,000 members turn to Jigsaw.

Every contact in Jigsaw is complete with full name, title, postal address, hard-to-find email address and telephone number.

Another resource that she has suggested is Zoominfo. I’m not thrilled with their approach of automated scanning of the Internet for business data. I prefer Jigsaw’s method where users upload complete information. Then again, I haven’t used either of them to know for sure.

The other sources mentioned are LinkedIn (I use it everyday) and Demandbase (aggregates its data from multiple sources such as D&B, Hoover’s, LexisNexis etc.)

Is anyone using any of the resources mentioned? If so, what has been your experience?

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  1. I’ve been using Jigsaw for a moment. It’s a cool little tool to get specific contacts (for free if you contribute by bringing your own).

    Demandbase sounds really promising though…

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