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content marketing for manufacturers

SEO & Leads

Manufacturing content marketing

Content marketing for manufacturers helps with SEO and winning the mindshare of engineers and industrial buyers. Build stronger relationships by providing relevant and technically accurate content that engineers trust. Generate better quality inbound leads and set the table for your sales team to score more wins.

What it is

Content marketing for manufacturers is much more than just content creation. Content by itself won’t help you move the needle. You need a documented content marketing strategy and precise implementation of proven tactics to produce consistent and measurable results.

We can help you get there.

  • Content market strategy
  • Writing technical blog posts and other content
  • Keyword research for optimizing blog posts and webpage content (SEO)
  • Distribution and promotion of content
  • Get valuable backlinks
  • Create content assets for top-of-funnel leads
  • Email marketing for lead nurturing
  • Tracking and reporting

What to expect

  • Increased awareness about your company, its products, and services
  • Build stronger relationships with earned trust
  • Improved search engine rankings for keyword phrases used by your target audience
  • Enhanced visibility of in-house expertise to differentiate you from the competition
  • Reduced cost per lead by generating more high-quality inbound leads
  • Qualified and nurtured leads for your sales team to convert into wins
  • Streamlined and sustainable process for customer acquisition and retention
  • Make informed decisions based on analytics with expert opinions

What it costs

Manufacturing content marketing services are offered on a monthly retainer with an annual agreement. The retainer agreement is subject to quarterly reviews before renewal for the next quarter.

This is definitely not a one-size-fits-all package. It will be customized to fit your needs and budget.

Industrial content marketing retainers start at $5,600 per month. The scope of work and deliverables will determine the final cost of your retainer.

NOTE: Content marketing for manufacturers is a process that takes time to produce results. It is not a quick fix for slow sales.

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