Integrated Industrial Marketing Using Digital and Print Media

Integrated marketing for industrial companies

Dual Media

Power of digital and print combined

Time-tested print marketing is still effective for some industrial companies. Relying 100% on digital media may not be the right answer in every situation. For industrial marketing to have a positive impact on sales, you have to create targeted marketing materials that sometimes mean using both digital and print media.

Industrial Print Marketing is Still Alive and Well

While the budget for print media has gone down over the past few years, it is not dead. Many industrial companies still use print ads in trade magazines, printed product catalogs and direct mail very effectively. The primary purpose of using print media is not so much for direct action, but more for brand awareness and driving traffic back to the website. I started my company in the eighties when print media was king. I cut my teeth on printed marketing materials. 

I can help you get the best of both worlds by combining digital and print media when it is appropriate.

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