Industrial E-Commerce Case Study

Manufacturer Uses Online Sales to Add a New Source of Revenue and Grow Sales

Spanwell Service, Inc. is a manufacturer of extra-large S Hooks used for compliance with OSHA Housekeeping requirements and eliminating trip hazards during turnaround service (TAR) in refineries and power plants. They also manufacture a full line of pneumatic tools and accessories used in various industries.

The Challenge:
  • Spanwell relied mainly on word-of-mouth marketing, direct mail, and an old informational site to acquire new customers. It was difficult to scale up these options to grow sales.

  • They needed to update their website with better messaging, content, and images

  • Back-end of the site needed more robust security features to support e-commerce

The Solution:
  • Developed a comprehensive Q&A form to help the client rethink their marketing and help us get a deeper understanding of their buyers

  • Created a new digital marketing strategy that focused on online marketing without completely discarding traditional channels

  • Documented a Plan of Action for the implementation of our strategy

  • Reviewed Google Analytics and created a baseline report

  • The old site was redesigned and redeveloped from the ground up

  • Performed extensive keyword research to build a good list of keywords and phrases in order to increase search engine visibility and improve rankings (SEO/SERP)

  • Most webpage copy was rewritten and/or edited to make it more customer-centric

  • Created new direct mail campaigns

  • Consulted with client to identify industry sources for sending out more targeted postcards to Safety Managers

  • The Client implemented our recommended e-commerce solution to sell directly 24/7 while cutting down the time to generate new sales

  • Trained the client to maintain the online store and process orders efficiently

  • Generated quarterly performance reports with our expert opinion for the client and us to refine any weaknesses

  • We continue to provide consulting, content creation, website updates, and maintenance

E-Commerce website for a manufacturer
Results and Impact:
  • Online sales grew by 57.52% (YOY)

  • The E-commerce conversion rate increased by 41.75%

  • The number of online transactions increased by 40.37%

  • The average order value from the online store increased by  12.21%

  • Online sales from Organic Search Traffic increased by 46.49%

  • The redesigned website generated new accounts from distributors who placed large repeat orders throughout the year

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