One-on-one industrial marketing coaching

As your personal industrial marketing coach, I take the time to understand your strengths, identify areas that need improvement and then help you maximize your skills to succeed in industrial marketing. I don’t compete with you but augment and amplify your own skill set to help you become better at marketing to engineers and industrial buyers.

This is not pre-recorded one size fits all coaching. You will receive live, one-on-one personalized coaching by me.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

- Old Chinese proverb

Who benefits from coaching?

Coaching is best suited for someone who is a one-person marketing department of a small industrial company. You know marketing but lack specific knowledge and experience to effectively engage with engineers and technical buyers. You want your coach to guide you through the process of learning and provide constructive feedback along the way.

There have been occasions when I have coached owners of companies who wanted to do their own industrial marketing.

What should you expect?

I’ll help you develop the specific skills, provide the tools and encouragement you need to make you a better industrial marketer. You will learn at your own pace and not on a set schedule.

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Discover your strengths and challenges
  • Weekly online training sessions
  • Training sessions are recorded and provided to you for future reference
  • Review marketing tasks performed by you
  • Suggest areas and techniques for improvement
  • Track and monitor your progress

How much does it cost?

Industrial marketing coaching and training is provided on an “as needed” basis with prepayment.

  • A 15-hour block of coaching time is $2,850
  • No recurring fees or retainers and no long-term commitment
  • There is no time limit or an expiration date on the block of time
  • Use it as you need it, we’ll let you know when you are down to 1 hour
  • You decide if you want to or need to buy additional blocks or not

Ready to talk?

Let’s have a brief conversation.This is not a high-pressure sales pitch, just a friendly chat to determine your needs and expectations.

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