How Videos Tell Compelling Stories About Consulting Engineering

In an earlier post, (see More Manufacturers Are Using Videos For Content Marketing) I had mentioned that 48% of manufacturers were using videos as part of their content marketing. That is slightly higher usage than other B2B marketers in general (41%).

How about consulting engineering firms, do they use videos too?

I figured this would be an interesting sector to checkout since consulting engineers come from a variety of engineering fields including civil, electrical, structural, mechanical, chemical, metallurgical, geotechnical and highway engineering. Many of these engineering firms serve both private and public clients.

Most of the videos on consulting engineering that I found on YouTube were from professional associations and universities and a few from engineering firms.

These videos have very compelling stories to tell with a strong human connection. They would make any engineer feel proud of the work that they do in shaping communities and affecting people’s lives on a daily basis.

These videos can inspire young people to pursue an engineering education and make a rewarding career out it.

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